Update --- January 16, 2010
I feel that an explanation is needed here: since the late 90s, I've hosted both this site and my pop-culture zine, acidlogic.com. The overwhelming majority of the writing I've done has appeared at acid logic, so you should pop over there if you really want to delve into my work. However, I've also posted quite a bit of material here --- mostly reviews --- which can be found at the links below.

I also have a blog which I update pretty much daily.

I've also written a book compiling much of my material from acid logic, which can be purchased @ Amazon.com.

updated September 17, 2012
Here's a new piece on the art of writing cinema horror music entitled "How to Write Horror Music.

updated April 28, 2011
I have a new article on my trials and tribulations with repetitive strain in my forms called "My Battle with RSI."

updated October 30, 2010
I have a new article on hands free computing discussing voice dictation and various alternative mouse designs.

updated April 17, 2005
More New reviews: Bad Boys II

updated December 17, 2003
More New reviews: May and The Dead Zone.

New Drunken Rambling:
The Burden of My Staggering Genius. It's a rumination on my failed love affair with guitar and art in general. (Yes, I'm ripping off the Dave Eggars book.)

updated August 19, 2003
New review of Pitch Black, and a joint review of Fear Dot Com and Darkness Falls

updated June 9, 2003
Recent reviews of Stuart Gordon's Castle Freak, Kids, and Final Destination II.

updated September 1, 2002
Review of Dogtown and Z-Boys. Great flick - check it out.

updated April 30, 2002
I've been scanning in some of my older pieces for you to dig on. Check out:

updated March 2, 2002
New reviews of "Beautiful Creatures" and the Slash's Snakepit album "Ain't Life Grand."

updated July 2, 2001
Bad Girls Rule! New reviews of the Doris Wishman film "Bad Girls Go To Hell" and the Donnas album "The Donnas Turn 21".

updated April 7, 2001
More from my "Drunken Rambling" series. The Best Martini in Town describes my thoughts while sitting in a Seattle martini bar. It's filled with reflections on the past with a soundtrack of classic rock!

updated March 11, 2001
A review of the Woody Allen film, Celebrity. Review of the film Dick.

updated Feb 22, 2001
My review of Let It Blurt, a biography of Lester Bangs.

updated November 28 2000
Review of Extreme's Waiting For The Punchline. Also check out The Politics of Superheroes, Stan Lee, Savior of Youth, and Why I Hate Vampires, hosted at swingmachine.org

updated October 29 2000
My humorous review of Sleater-Kinney!

updated July 15 2000
Lot's of new stuff in the Reviews section including reviews of The X-Men, Shaft, and Black and White.

updated June 12 2000
The Phase is an intimate discussion of the creative process. Part of my "Drunken Rambling" series.

updated April 26 2000
FlufflesGate: The Hidden Clinton Sex Scandal details still more shenanegins (sic) from the White House.

updated March 27 2000
I Love Alcohol is a stirring analysis of my love affair with fire water.

updated March 9 2000
WTO Madness details my adventures during the WTO riots in Seattle

updated July 4th 1999
Basically I just keep pluggin' away at that Reviews section and adding to Acid Logic. my online humor/opinion zine. It's a shame the term "zine" has been co-opted to mean so many things it really shouldn't, like the way people talk about their "internet marketing zine." But I'm sure those people will be punished by God eventually.

updated April 28th 1999

For some reason, thinking of writing, I'm reminded of Brent Easton Ellis' American Psycho. Ever read it? Pretty fucked up. It's undoubtedly the most grotesque book I've ever read, a true testament to the power of writing over film. I mean, Iíve watched plenty of people get tortured to death in film or on HBO, but to read Ellis describe it... well, it's a whole 'nother thing. That is, without a doubt, a book that must be taken in small portions.

I recall a brief moment from the period in which I was reading that book. I generally have a fifteen minute coffee/bus-wait from whence I leave the house and actually go to work, and I pulled out the book thinking, "Maybe I can just read a bit and nothing gross will happen." As it turned out, I stumbled on to the most hideous section of the book (the rat scene, for those of you familiar) and by the time the bus came, was visibly disturbed. That's one of the more unnerving aspects of the book, you really never know when somethingís going to happen. (Ellis purposely lulls you to sleep with the first three chapters of the book, before hitting you with the first killing.

Of course plenty of people argue whether there's any point to the violence, whether it's only there to shock and offend. I certainly don't have an answer for you, but I have to admit: there's a certain beauty, a certain thrill in being shocked and offended.

Judas Priest vs. AC/DC
Interestingly enough, this piece started out as an assignment during my brief tenure at junior college (as a student, not a professor) Tongue planted firmly in check, it actually makes some legitimate points.

Vas Ist?
An early piece on the subject of modern art and music.

Acid Logic
This is a site unto itself. Acid Logic was a column that ran in a now defunct web-zine called Twisted Underground. When that died I decided to collect all the columns (the good ones anyway) and add new ones every two weeks

The second largest section of the "Writings" category, this is an ever growing collection of reviews I've written, discussing film, music, literature and whatever else strikes my fancy.

Selling out.
A long winded essay I wrote several years ago about the debate around musicians signing to major labels. Timeless in its illuminations it is just as relevent now as it was several minutes ago.

I Remember Jeffrey
Sort of a Woody Allen, pseudo-historical modern jazz tribute... really!

I Love Violence
Self explanatory.

Music Contemplations (1994)
Though somewhat dated, I've always felt this piece had some interesting, often ignored points about music criticism.

A Dignified Analysis of Devo's Freedom Of Choice
One of many Devo pieces I've written. I like the part where I go off on a tangent and slag Pearl Jam.

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Acid Logic


Hands Free Computing

Politics of Superheroes

Stan Lee, Savior of Youth

Why I Hate Vampires


The Phase


I Love Alcohol

Wto Madness!!!

Judas Priest vs AC/DC

Vas Ist?


Selling Out

I Remember Jeffrey

I Love Violence

Music Contemplations (1994)

A Dignified Analysis of Devo's Freedom Of Choice

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