After leaving this section sitting in disrepair for years, I've finally gotten in and cleaned things up. I've removed the largely archaic real audio files and organized the remaining MP3s.

Lately, my music efforts have included writing electronic ---often classically influenced ---music and posting the files at SoundCloud. Check it out for hours of musical fun!

Here's a sample of some of those files. Click the song title to play.

You can hear samples from my alt-country album "Shadey's Jukebox" or my recent jazz pop album "A Quarter Past Four" at my page.

To see videos of me doodling around on acoustic guitar, visit my youtube page.

Old Bands
Two of the bands I was in while living in Seattle during the 90s also have myspace pages.

Dr. Zoom --- female fronted original funk

Fish Vomit --- psychotic punk/metal

The following MP3s are samples from my extensive collection of home recordings, primarily using Cakewalk. If you're the type of person who is wisely wary of other people's home recordings, let mitigate your concerns -- these are actually pretty well-done and contains some of my prouder musical moments.

  • Pop Song - Uptempo, keyboardy, Joe Jackson number.
  • Get Out of Dodge - Wild West heavy-metal. Insipid lyrics.
  • Die My Enemy - Viking rock meets Elton John.

    If you have problems downloading the mp3 files, try right-clicking on the link and chose "Save Target As" for Internet Explorer or "Save Link As" for Netscape.

Related to music, here's a new piece of writing on the art of writing cinema horror music entitled "How to Write Horror Music."

Not in Frames? Click here!
Links to Bands I Don't Particularly Hate:

Trail of Dead
Whole Bolivian Army
Travis Shredd and the Good Old Homeboys
Chic p.s. If you don't like CHIC please accept my invitation to burn in hell for all eternity

"(It is)... sung, played and written, for the most part, by cretinous goons. My only deep sorrow is the unrelenting insistance of recording and motion-picture companies upon purveying this most brutal, degenerate, vicious form of expression"

Frank Sinatra on rock and roll

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