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Where Joy and Happiness Are Replete.

"Wil Forbis has his own web page?" you ask, wonder and confusion streaking across your face like rays from a fading sun (or, perhaps, a Martian death ray device.) It does seem a bit extraneous, doesn't it? Does the world really need a Wil Forbis web page? I mused on the question for a bit of time actually, before I arrived at my sound conclusion. Yes, yes it does, I decided. Is not the world in a state of dishevelment, of cacophony? Does it not cry out for strong leadership and moral guidance, attributes to be wholly found in my musings? Most certainly. And in other ways it seems strangely fitting that I might obtain my own habitation on the much touted world wide web. Every great hero or icon has had some stock in trade object to identify themselves. Holmes had his pipe (as well as cocaine), Washington had his wooden teeth, Alfred E Neuman had his missing tooth, The God Mars had his funny shoes with wings (or was that simply the 1940's incarnation of the Flash, I get them confused.) Could not a web page fulfill this need for me?

"Nothing stands in the way of my career! Sure it's fascist but what artist isn't a fascist!"
Actual comment made in a local coffehouse. I was so in awe of its cliche-ness, I thought I'd share it with you.

I've had several ideas in mind for this site, several concepts that I'd like to put in place. Mostly, I suppose, I plan to use it as a vehicle for my inane chatter, perhaps allowing myself the illusion that someone out there really cares. I'd also like to use it as a chance to explore more technical elements of web design, employing various scripts and new browser features that really have no discernible use in the commercial field. I thought I'd showcase various writings I've done and perhaps include some musical pieces, or at least link to pages that feature those compositions. I should be updating the page on a fairly consistant basis, in a mundane attempt to keep things lively.

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I suppose if you're reading this, you probably know me, have laughed at my keen, scepter-like wit, have stared in awe at my vast musical prowess, and have idly stood transfixed by my various other feats of wonder. (I'd like to pause now to note that I've recently picked up this sort of conversational writing style from a James Salter article I read in the New Yorker. I'm still trying it on for size.) But I suppose that there are some of you who don't know me, who have come about this page through various links I've decided I would try and pertain. Or perhaps you are here because I listed this site under the "adult" category of all the search engines.

I suppose I should try and introduce myself to the uninitiated but truthfully I'm much too tired. My existence, and personality and general reason for being should become painfully clear if you decide to read on.

Navigating The Wil Forbis Site:

Now I know what you're thinking. You're thinking, "How am I supposed to find my way around here?" What's that? You say you weren't thinking that at all? You were thinking, "Why is it I keep having strange sexual fantasies involving my 11th grade French instructor and an entire flock of yaks?" Oh... Well you should have been asking yourself the former question (and, I believe, yaks travel in herds, not flocks. But, then, I'm not the one fantasizing about them.)

Well, obviously you can use the control bar up top to explore the various main categories (described below.) And, I suppose I'll eventually get around to install text links at the bottoms of all the pages though if you happen to be using a no-frames browser, you're essentially fucked, at least at the time of this writing. (Note: As of December '98 I did get around to installing text links. Consider yourself "un-fucked.")


Writings: This site is text heavy, so "writings" is a pretty vague term to apply to one section. Essentially, this page focuses on my more focused writing, and less on my deranged, off the cuff ramblings. (Though plenty of people seem to find even my focused stuff pretty uncohesive.)

Music: Oddly enough, this section features the output of various musical projects I've been involved in over the years. For the most part it's in either Real Audio or mp3 formats

Other: This section is starting to get some meat to it. Basically it's there for any web experiements I wish to dabble in, as well as housing my famous photoshop art gallery.

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