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Will There Ever Be Iconic Minority Superheroes?
By Wil Forbis
Superman, Batman, Spider-Man... they're a pretty pasty bunch. Can the ranks of costumed characters diversify?

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IM: The Undertones
By John Saleeby
In the 1970s, a band of teenage punks rose out of the battleground of northern Ireland to sing about the important issues of their day: girls, having fun and being a kid.
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Irish pt. 26
By Pete Moss
Pedro the talking canine collects his thoughts while our human protagonists contenplate a move down the west coast.
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Reel Advice: Train to Busan
By Steve Anderson
Steve finds plenty to rave about in this mix of Strangers on a Train and Night of the Living Dead.
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Can Superheros Diversify?

What's up with superheroes?




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